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Protecting the Environment

Our Club has undertaken many environmental projects over the years. These include:

  • Creating a Sensory Garden for the benefits of residents at Resthaven Westbourne Park.

  • Providing financial and in kind contributions to Urrbrae Wetlands.

  • Installing a Sensory Garden at the Repatriation Hospital in Daw Park.

  • Assisting with garden and yard clean ups and maintenance for residents of the Mitcham Council area where they were unable to undertake the work themselves.​

Brownhill Creek Recreation Park

A team of Mitch Rotary SA rotarians working at Brownhill Creek Conservation Park

How wonderful to see environmental efforts come to fruition with the digging of the Yam Daisies (Ngampa) replanted in the Brownhill Creek Conservation Park near the Kaurna Shelter Tree.

Senior Kaurna Elder Auntie Lynette Crocker started the digging, which was then continued by Steven Hoepfner and First Nations artist Brad Darkson (assisted by his daughter) who had the first successful find.

It was not an easy process as the daisies and stems had died back making the yams difficult to find.

Our club looks forward to continuing our association with this wonderful National Park right on our doorstep.

Yam Harvesting at Brownhill Creek Conservation Park

Calperum Station

Rotarians at work regreening the land at Calperum Station in the Riverland

Totalling more than 337,000 hectares of rich and unique Mallee country, Calperum Station and Taylorville Station include breathtaking stretches of creeks, rivers and wetlands which provide habitat for a wide range of native flora and fauna. They have been managed since 1992 by the Australian Landscape Trust.


In 2009, Mitcham Rotary Club members Helen and David Gooley became involved with the Calperum project and have continued to visit the site since, either leading groups of Rotarians or simply undertaking tasks themselves. David's interest is in revegetation. He is passionate about the growth progress of the many trees that our members have planted and cared for over time in this very worthwhile conservation project, which is repairing the damage of early settlers who over cleared the area.

Calperuim Station near Renmark

Urrbrae Wetlands

Urrbrae Wetlands
Volunteers at Urrbrae Wetlands

Urrbrae Wetland is a working and teaching wetland located at Urrbrae Agricultural High School in Netherby. Urrbrae Wetland is an example of what can be achieved when local and state governments and the community work together. The successful integration of the Urrbrae Wetland wild aquatic and plant life within an urban environment has created a unique learning experience.

Volunteers from Mitcham Rotary regularly assist "Friends of Urrbrae Wetlands" with gardening and maintenance.

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